In a globalised world, it is not possible to expect to have a high-flying career without having a real experience internationally. It is due to its network of exceptional partnerships that Epitech can offer every student the possibility of spending two semesters of their studies abroad and thus benefit from this unique opportunity.


During the 4th year of internationalisation, the students are plunged into the heart of a new work environment for two academic semesters. This year provides the opportunity to develop new competences that are essential in the employment market to assure a career with high potential: adapting to a new environment, integrating a multicultural team and being open-minded in the face of the unknown.

Meeting local and international students provides the opportunity of having a different approach to work and to collaborate together on new educational projects. This is two semesters abroad to discover another culture, make new contacts, and claim a place in a world of constant evolution.


According to Epitech, the challenge of international work is to become integrated in a different way of life and to open up to a new vision of IT that is delocalised. It is in order to reach this state of mind that the school has woven a web of partner universities all over the world. The Epitech students mix with the local students and follow the same rhythm of work as their new friends. On return to France, equivalent ratings of the host universities are put in place for the Epitech degree course.

In addition to courses in computing science, courses in business or communications are also available, depending on the countries. In this way the students have a total experience, which is an undeniable advantage for their professional career and their personal development. Certain universities also propose a joint diploma after a year spent with them.

Ines Saenz, Director of International Studies at the University of Monterrey in Mexico


The 4th year marks the start of the Epitech Innovative Project, which marks the success of studying at Epitech. Even if the students are spread over the four corners of the globe, the school puts into place research tools that allow them to work remotely. The constraints added by the internationalisation year (team work even if the time zones are different, organising themselves to make the project advance, keeping in contact with their groups, etc.) make the Epitech Innovative Project comparable to the challenges that big businesses must face every day.

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