Le bocal

A dozen or so students, under the supervision of permanent staff, have chosen to devote a part of their time to interviews, to developing and maintaining the network, IT rooms and administrative posts, in addition to their studies.

This is an original way of combining studies and being involved in a dense and unique network, as a service to others, whilst maintaining access to the latest technology being used in the department. The Bocal is also a help and support technique for different types of computer events (evenings, on-line games) or institutional (exhibitions) but also to occasionally give help to associations.


It keeps an eye on the keyboard and flat-sharing between friends, the Bocal assumes its responsibilities with regard to friendship. This is so that, as in any company, the Epitech network is always operational, and the Bocal workers are always on the look-out for any problem that may arise..


It may be that the Bocal workers are on duty for several days. As if on a battle ship, they cover for each other in case of attack or if something goes wrong. The day they are IT directors in a large company, they will have nothing more to fear.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The latest equipment is over 2,500 work stations in 30 computer rooms, nearly 200 servers spread across 13 towns, with Albania included, and 150 switches

Our work is to manage a network of 1,200 employees, 12 subsidiary companies and 4,000 users


Imagine a company in which the IT staff have their own apartment. Coffee and croissants, computers, PlayStation, computer, GameCube, computer, Guitar Hero, computer, sleep, their heads full of pixels. That is the everyday life of a Bocal worker! The life of a typical adolescent? No, this is the life of students who are responsible for the computer network of Epitech. If there is a break-down in the system at 4.00 a.m., the network will be working again at 8.00 a.m. when the staff arrive!

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