« Do The Right Team » :

For over 15 years Epitech has trained the best experts in computer innovation. In order to accompany them better in their success, we have launched a series of “speed dating” meetings known as “Do the Right Team”. The aim is for our current students and our former students to mingle with others from Grandes Ecoles (prestigious higher education establishments in France) in their domains, whether it be business or design (HEC, Les Gobelins, e-artsup, l’Ecole Boulle, l’ISEG Group, to name just a few.)

These meetings provide the opportunity to break barriers that exist naturally between people who do not know each other and to come together in a friendly way :

do the right team
  • For carriers of projects, whether they are students presently doing their course or former students, to build teams that turn towards setting up businesses,
  • For former students from all partnership schools and businesses present to recruit talents that they need to consolidate their teams,
  • For students to develop their qualities of flexibility, efficiency, innovation and to create teams capable of facing up to all challenges which revolve around their different competences.

« A good idea to succeed in a start-up is good; a good idea with a good team is much better ».

Launching an innovative product is like exploring: there is a hypothesis, a prototype, it is tested and if the feedback is good, it advances. Otherwise, it pivots.

So as to unite the conditions for success, a high-performing team is needed that is capable of having an overall vision of the stakes at hand, whether it be IT, business or design.


These are real co-working sessions devised in a spirit of “design thinking”. These events, which are free of charge and recurrent and take place at the Epitech campus (Porte d’Italie, Paris) bring together students and former students of Grandes Ecoles that share with Epitech the same entrepreneurial vision of today: a multidisciplinary team for an innovative project, ambitious and in touch with the public.

A number of evenings have already taken place on the campus at the Kremlin school, Bicêtre. These are regular evening meetings, starting at the beginning of the year, and take place every six weeks. 

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