études à l'international

The second cycle (2 years) will allow the students to acquire essential managerial qualities to confirm their position of experts within the company. At the end of the cycle, the student should have integrated the global context of the firm and mastered the essential relations and impacts between technology and business.


The two years of the Expertise course are marked by the International aspect and getting into Epitech Paris as into a Grande Ecole (prestigious French higher education institution). This includes a two-year course in English, of which one year is spent with an international partner and one year at Epitech Paris on the campus of Ionis Institute of Technology. This is the year that brings the class together, and gives it its label of an Epitech Innovative Project (EIP) in a cutting-edge technological framework.


As in the third year fourth year students devote their time to the subject of computer security. They make viruses, try to hack into the school’s IT systems (and even those of some companies who will accept the challenge and place an order). The school has organised everything so that each student has a place with one of our international partners, and where the courses are taught in English. This year prepares the students for the most professional and complex aspects of computer expertise by addressing issues in a cross-cutting way and from a quality perspective of “business”. The aim is to prepare students to be able to face all sorts of situations and to act in line with the business environment.

étudiants travaillant sur la sécurité informatique


The 5th year digs deeper into the aspect of “professionalization”. It provides the all-round computer expert dimension. At this level, the graduates are in a situation where they are able to join a company and be operational at a high level on complex issues. This final year gives the students the best assets to evolve quickly in the company.

In the fifth year, the students can also, instead of doing their internship:

  • Either study for one of the MBA specialised courses at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion (Higher Management Institute), member of the IONIS Group,
  • Or follow their studies abroad while continuing to specialise in information technology, or by completing the initial Epitech training course


The title ”Level 1 Epitech Technology Expert” is approved by the state and opens up a number of opportunities to continue studying after the five-year course. These depend on the eligibility conditions for different higher education institutions and universities, specialisations in management, research or doctoral studies, specialised MBAs, applied Masters or other Masters and international PhDs in administration, science, computing and technology.

At the end of the fifth year, the great majority of Epitech graduates go straight into the work force. Others prefer to continue their studies by doing a third cycle, a specialised Masters or an MBA. The decision to continue studying for a further year can have advantages both in the short term and the long term. At the end of the third cycle, students can hope to earn their first salaries at a much higher level than in the majority of cases. The choice of specialising in finance, marketing or even in business after Epitech will bring a real added-value to his/her career.

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