photo de Marc Sellam, président de Ionis Education Group

It is almost impossible to rise to the perpetual challenges set by information technology efficiently and skilfully. No other scientific or technological domain is subject to this magnitude of change and transformation. To train a young person to evolve and prosper in this world seems to be an exploit or is unthinkable.

However, it was as a result of this observation that Epitech was built. Epitech is neither a technical school nor an engineering school, but offers a completely innovative model, in line with the ever developing world of information technology. Computer science does not require experts who are trained in a specific aspect of technology, or qualified in certain restricted fields, but rather experts who keep their knowledge of science and technology constantly up to date, and who have an ability to assimilate everything that is new.

The model developed by Epitech has been met very favourably by businesses and has expanded both regionally and worldwide through a comprehensive network: 12 cities across France make it possible to carry out the first part of the curriculum near home. After that the students will be ready for the international scene in China, South Africa, Russia, Europe, USA, and so on. The 5th and last year takes place in Paris, at the heart of the network, where the technical platform has exceptional facilities and brings together all Epitech students for their courses taught in English by high-level professionals. The large-scale Epitech Innovative Projects are a perfect booster for launching graduates into a unique professional career.

If the Epitech training is distinct from any other, it is because it is first and foremost aimed at enthusiasts who dream of being part of the big changes of tomorrow.

Marc Sellam
President of the IONIS Education Group


photo de Fabrice Bardèche, vice-président executif de Ionis Education Group

By creating a year of specialisation at Epitech, which is open to students with four or five years of study behind them and who already know what their chosen domain is, Epitech has put itself on the right track with regard to its vocation, which is expertise and even hyper professional expertise.

This being said, Epitech helps businesses by working with them to decide on the best training they need for the best career profile that is lacking; and it helps students by offering a superb career opportunity at the same time as a highly professional training course. Since its establishment, Epitech acts as the liaison for high-level jobs between young people and businesses.

The specialisation themes that are described in detail in this website correspond to a very high demand for the professional areas concerned. We are working on widening our offer so as to propose a larger choice as early as next year for young people who feel they have the potential to aim for jobs with a high added-value in an area which both suits them and which they find attractive

Epitech is a higher education institution in the IONIS Group, which trains over 18,000 students every year and totals 60,000 former students who are now in highly responsible jobs in business. Apart from the technical and professional aspects of their training, Epitech’s year of specialisation also gives access to the whole of the above-mentioned community.

Fabrice Bardèche
Executive Vice-President of the IONIS Education Group

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