General knowledge, intercultural openness, and knowledge of contemporary big games that are at stake. High-level managers and future entrepreneurs are not trained without having studied these visions of the world during their course.


If super-competence in the technological domain is perfect to open the doors to today’s large companies, the ability to fit actions into a social, cultural and international context, the ability to re-situate a problem in a more global context taking into account what is at stake, and adapting to different ways of reasoning, are the hallmarks of the Grandes Ecoles.

For Epitech, this is a reality that is seen in the course, in the projects and, thanks to the electives, leans on the experience of professionals and men and women with authority in their domain.


Etudiant à la bibliothèque

Epitech’s vocation is to train its students on a long-term basis in an ever changing environment. If the school provides an advanced technological training, its role is also to offer the students this necessary open-mindedness. In order to achieve this, we propose broadening out in in the form of electives spanning cross-disciplinary cultural domains, economics and international.

The students must choose three electives during their course out of 10 themes proposed. These electives are structured around varied domains such as marketing, personal development, communication, general knowledge, business, company strategy, and so on, so that the students from the school can better grasp the world, as well as innovation and changes.

The guest lecturers are top specialists in their fields, business men, columnists, journalists, philosophers or high-level managers. The electives are mobile, they evolve over the years according to opportunities and meetings, the talents we invite or those who put themselves forward. They are free to register at all the schools on the campus or strictly only to Epitech students.

This wealth of thinking that we share and that we put at the disposal of the students, is an undisputable advantage linked to the extraordinary diversity of people and talent that bring about the diversity and high level of the schools belonging to the IONIS Group.


Below are some of the themes that will be addressed by high-level speakers :

  • What does innovation really mean?
  • State of the art of the perspectives in buzz marketing
  • New orientations in marketing
  • The importance of press relations for brands
  • Digital criminality
  • The importance of new social networks
  • The real geopolitical stakes of the information society
  • What role is there for information technology in sustainable development?/li>
  • Introduction to intercultural management

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