An Epitech Innovative Project is conceived and is, as all Epitech’s teaching methods, project-based, in the manner of a real entrepreneurial project, taking into account all the components: business, technology, design & communication. An EIP could be a viable start-up.

Bringing together aptitudes for technical competences, team spirit and openness to international, as well as the ability to respond to the accelerated rhythm of innovation, is essential. Uniting these three aspects draws up the winning profile, guaranteeing success on graduation. Whether they become employees or entrepreneurs, Epitech graduates are something much other than just clever executives.

As confirmed by Clarisse Reille, Director General of DEFI and President of the Association for Grandes Ecoles au Féminin, “This teaching style is totally adapted to the approach we must adhere to today: in an internationalised world that is moving very fast, companies must have employees and partners who understand the reality in all its complexity. And this method of working, via projects, with real economic players or on real subjects, seems to me particularly powerful. And without forgetting something to which I am extremely sensitive, and that is team-working”. »

The Epitech Innovative Project (EIP) is the main stage in the Epitech student’s course that will make him or her move from the status of student to a full professional. In the 4th and 5th years, the students must realise a project in its entirety and put everything into place so that it is useable in the professional world.

The EIPs have a double aim:

  • To allow students to gain integral management experience as part of a practical project,
  • To help them design their professional, high-level business card.


The students are put in a professional situation. They choose a subject that must be an original idea which will bring something new or take up an existing project, which must be taken forward in a collaborative manner. An EIP group is composed of a minimum of five 4th year students. On average, the groups are made up of seven or eight members which makes it possible to develop well and thus have ambitious subjects.

Projet EIP 2014 Animate

This minimum has two aims:

  • The first is pedagogical: a relatively large group must know how to manage itself, therefore the students practise group management;
  • The second is practical: it spans over an 18-month period, and a relatively large group makes it easier to iron out different issues that can arise, such as the departure of one member or the prolonged absence of another.

For those who wish to already start building up their professional network, the project can be carried out in liaison with a company, a laboratory or even another school.

Projet EIP 2016 Orbit

It is therefore in this way, confronted with problems linked to this intermediary situation between school and the business world, that the students cooperate with the others in their group and adapt to each other so as to enhance, in an autonomous way, their knowledge and competences.

Projet EIP 2015 Talkactiv

Follow-up meetings are proposed so that the students can put forward their ideas or listen and comment on others that are proposed. An EIP Forum is organised at the beginning of each year.

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