Epitech Teams

Board of directors

Marc Sellam, Président de IONIS Education Group
Marc Sellam
Fabrice Bardèche, Vice-président de IONIS Education Group
Fabrice Bardèche

Emmanuel Carli, Directeur général d'Epitech
Emmanuel Carli
Managing director

« For a number of years the computer science sector has become the centre of attention of both the public and private sectors and is presently undergoing a considerable acceleration in its development.
Epitech has a network of 12 higher education institutions in France and around 40 partnerships with the most prestigious universities around the world, and for the last 10 years has been driving talented individuals who are passionate about IT towards success. As high-flying experts and open to the world thanks to a different and innovative teaching, every day our former students seize the opportunities that are presented to them.
Because IT is universal, Epitech enables its members to reach out to the best French and international economic players bearing a common ambition of together transforming the world.” » - Emmanuel Carli, Director General Epitech

Emmanuel Carli, Directeur général d'Epitech
Armend Tahiraj
Managing Director at Balkans

The presence of Epitech in Tirana demonstrates the school’s goal to change the way young Balkan and international students consider and use IT, and to devise a model for their careers over a forty-year time-span.

The aim of our university degree course is to anticipate through its training both the economic and cultural/historical impact on numerical languages in the framework of French education.

Synchronising our educational values in Europe is also a way of proposing the instruction of computer science through practical applications, development and research linked to our developed economy.

Executive directors

Laëtitia Fall, Chargée des relations entreprises
Pascale Chevassu
Alumni Office
Pascale Giaccheto, Directrice de la communication
Pascale Giaccheto
Public Affairs Office
Céline Gobert-Faucille, Directrice Administrative
Céline Gobert-Faucille
Administration Office
Philippe Coste, Cellule de coordination
Philippe Coste
Schools Office

Student Affairs Office

Stéphane Sarr, Directeur des admissions
Stéphane Sarr
Admission Office
Laëtitia Fall, Career Development Center
Pascale Chevassu
Career Development Center
Ksénia Andreeva, Responsable des relations internationales
Ksénia Andreeva
International Education
Pierre-Jean Léger, Operational Excellence
Pierre-Jean Léger
Operational Excellence
Axelle Ziegler, Directrice Pédagogique Régionale
Axelle Ziegler
Content Excellence

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