étudiant Epitech expert en informatique

The shortage of IT experts these days opens certain doors to all students who are determined. Nowadays, IT is an integral part of the majority of companies, to such an extent that the profession has diversified into a multitude of specialised functions that reach out to networks, computer development, security of computer systems or even ergonomics and computer graphics

At present, Epitech has the most generalised of all computer science training courses in France. Because the Epitech diploma is today one of the most highly valued on the market in companies where computer science dominates, our school, with its “know-how” is easily able to interest many companies in joining us. It also attracts many foreign partners who like a model that breaks with academic standards and is therefore complementary


Jobs in computer science vary enormously: computer management today touches on 100% of the existing domains (medical, spatial, medicine, biology, and so on). Optimising the management of information brings a very strong added-value to companies.

Syntec-Informatique estimates that around 60,000 recruitments were made in 2012 compared to 40,000 in 2011. Despite the economic crisis, the IT sector continues to grow and the number of recruitments in this area amounted to +16% between 2010 and 2011 and 33% between 2009 and 2010.

The value-added of an Epitech graduate is to create and be able to use and combine knowledge around a project. At Epitech we teach “how to adapt” by creating situations in which students should evolve. The student must excel in his or her immediate knowledge.

The increasing importance of IT roles in organograms and the consolidation of its influence will continue to grow. In this context, companies will tend to prefer new personality profiles, to look for more wide-spreading competences and joint courses (computer science and management, computer science and strategy, computer science and marketing).

It is for these reasons that at Epitech we train our students in a general manner: they take their work to heart, hold on to the know-how of managing a project, and show themselves to be extremely autonomous. Our students are independent of knowledge.

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