The computer science path is above all linked to your creativity. The creative potential in this domain is so vast that the evolution and improvement of many sectors are dependent on it.



The medical world can no longer escape from technological feats generated by digital technology. Surgery is assisted by, and can even be replaced, by robots, who have the considerable advantage of not suffering from the human “factor”. Exoskeletons have been created to hand back a certain autonomy to people who have lost their mobility. The projects in this domain are legion, going from personal connected objects to measuring one’s own health, to big data start-ups on the human genome.

Talkactiv, winning student project of the EIP 2015 Trophy


Digital measurement tools have been used for a long time for weather forecasts and for the prevention of certain natural disasters. If it is still difficult to anticipate earthquakes, cyclones are easily foreseeable thanks to the modelling of air masses that are noted on the entire surface of the globe.

Comprendre le fonctionnement du climat global et l'impact de ses changements sur la planète
Understanding the functioning of the global climate and the impact of its changes on the planet


Digital technology is present where it is not expected. Thanks to an application which enables massive and targeted SMSs, populations that are exposed to epidemics, flooding, or other catastrophes are alerted and can be informed about the first behaviour patterns to adopt in order to prevent certain diseases. In countries that are in situations of conflict, a contributing cartographic system makes it possible to obtain necessary information on a country at war where things change rapidly.

Members of the Red Cross bringing provisions to populations in need
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Digital methods are becoming more general for educational uses. They provide innovative ways to learn and teach. MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses), which are available to everybody, are developing more and more and generate a democratisation of knowledge.

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Security on the internet is one of the major and burning issues of society. The confidentiality of data, fight against terrorism and devious practices are challenges which are renewed continuously. Creativity in this domain is more than ever welcome to face up to these problematic issues

In January 2015, Lucas Philippe, Epitech 2016 student, won two challenges at the FIC (International Cybersecurity Forum).

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