Every year the educational management team review the programme of Epitech in collaboration with the perfectionist council and business partners. The analyses, remarks and advice will be introduced into the new programme that will be put in place at the start of the new academic year.

The details of each teaching module are then studied, modified if necessary and precisely defined for the new year. This is carried out in collaboration with the teacher who set up the module in order to ensure coherence and feasibility. The number of courses and how they are organised into practical sessions, continuous support, tutoring, projects, notes, appointments, and so on, are set up in a precise way.

Once the structure for each module is clearly defined, it is copied onto the intranet in exactly the same way for each city.

The intranet is the nerve centre of setting into motion the syllabus. It assembles the many operations, such as planning, notes, projects, student credits, or individual student support. All these aspects are visible from the viewpoints of the students, teachers and the administration. This enables Epitech to offer a unified teaching to all its students wherever they are in the world. The respective developments in all the towns must be synchronised. Some elements are common to them all, for example, project subjects or the marking scheme, whereas others are particular to each town, such as the timetables, organisation of the enrolment system or of project groups

At present, the weekly timetable is visible for the students and teachers, according to the modules in which they have enrolled or for which they are responsible, respectively.


From the start of the year the administrative team is involved in supporting the students. It is they who provide the student charter (in-house regulations) to all newcomers and who are in charge of, throughout the year, sending out letters advising on absences, the school reports and who organise the meetings between the years and the administration..

The first operational role is to draw up the weekly timetable for all the years. This part of the work can be anticipated well in advance, so that the students and lecturers can see their precise timetables, and it also saves time during the year.


In order for the students to progress it is essential to provide regular and continuous educational support during their entire course. A report on each student is available on the intranet. This contains notes, registrations and the positive results received during the year, a text on the education support that must be completed after every visit or meeting with the student, school report, main team workers, and the connexion time spent on the computer network of the school. All this information makes it possible to monitor the students to a maximum during their course and help orient them towards their future careers.

L’intranet est le centre névralgique de la mise en œuvre du cursus


Regular meetings are held with entire classes. These meetings are organised as follows:

  • at the beginning of the year, a presentation is made of the programme (course), educational issues, as well as the more general policy of the school
  • at least twice during each semester, an up-date of how the big projects are advancing
  • between semesters an assessment of the situation and objectives to reach

Any major event concerning each class will be a subject of such meetings. This includes all positive aspects such as a common success story or something less positive such as a substantial delay in a project


A report is drawn up at the end of a semester, grouping together the credits achieved for each student. The general description of the credit system, as well as the conditions regarding proceeding from one year to the next, is stated in the school’s charter (in-house regulations). The reports are finalised once all the lecturers have approved the modules of the current semester for a class.

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