The “pool”, which is the mythical period of the course, corresponds to the period of integration of every student who enters the school (Epitech 1, Epitech 2, Epitech 3S). In four weeks, it is possible to acquire, assimilate and consolidate the necessary foundations to follow the teaching provided by the school.

For the first year students, this goes by way of learning the UNIX system used at the school and of the first language studied: C for the higher years by the language C++.

Events such as barbecues or film projections are organised. Ties are made quickly which will help facilitate making up the work teams.

Epitech 2014 Pool


  • 12 hours of work 7 days a week
  • Exercises to hand in every evening
  • Knowledge to assimilate every day
  • Learning the norms of programming
  • Asteks (assistant students) who are omnipresent and remain with the students
  • A support group where each student has the benefit of personal help from an Astek
  • Exams on machines at the end of the week
  • Extra hours at the weekends (realisation of a mini-project with team-workers at the weekends)
Epitech 2013 Pool

The pool enables the standards of the students to be levelled out, including those students who have never done any programming. In this way, each one starts the year well prepared for the first project to be realised as a team: the Bistromathique. This is the production of a calculator which manages infinite numbers. This project, where no error is permitted, helps to learn how to work in a team – the Bistromathique.

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