By entering a school such as Epitech, students start a high-level specialised training to become experts in computing and new technologies. But in this domain the recruiters now demand good writing skills as well as the technical know-how. This requirement is a priority that is now inseparable from computing competences.


Many of the supporting documents in businesses are written texts. A large part of the graduate’s work will be to understand, help and express the needs of users via models, emails, memos and so on. With this module, Epitech provides everyone with the opportunity of strengthening their writing skills. This is not to do with dictations, literature or dissertations, but with specialising students in writing professional documents.

The particularities of professional writing

Professional writing is linked to a need to give information on a subject idea, a project, a realisation, or a meeting. It is useful to all parties: the company, the teams, the clients, the partners, the investors, and all the others involved. It takes on different forms (memos, emails, reports, slide-shows, white papers, etc.) It refers to the past in an objective way, it is useful for the present and must be a reference for the future.


This seminar, which takes place over the three-year Bachelor degree period, proposes methods and know-how to improve the efficiency of professional documents. The students will learn how to draft texts that are concise and precise, which have a balanced tone, are properly adapted to the reader and the situation, and how to structure and argue the documents. This very successful seminar run by Juliette Gibert (journalist and adult trainer) includes relaxation exercises, diagnoses and personal tutorials. It comprises four qualifying modules.

The objectives of the seminar are to teach the future professional to be simple and punchy, adapt their style to the addressees, give as much importance to the content as to the form while concentrating on both, but also how to control the quality of a written text before it is passed on. On leaving the seminar, the students should have a writing style that is fluid, simple, readable and direct.


The difficulty of projects and requirements increases over the duration of the four modules. The modules as a whole are conceived as a pathway where the competences acquired during a project are laid out and perfected during the next project.

1st year : discover the variety of technical writing

2nd year : explain one’s professional experience, but also with hindsight

3red year : develop the project, argument it to convince

Each project is presented as a real professional situation similar to what students will face during their careers.
The realisation of each project is supported by a lecture and two tutorials.


Every module is peer-reviewed in training sessions, run by the teaching team, on the basis of quality criteria: structure of the text and quality of writing and presentation. Spelling is an important exigency as there is a penalty for over a certain number of errors made.

For the module to be validated, the student will have to show the following competences in writing texts:

  • Know how to write a text so that it is comprehensible to all on first reading;
  • Know how to adapt his/her writing to the reader and to the specifics of the document;
  • Know how to put across ideas with no break in the logic;
  • Know how to deliver a written text with correct spelling, and well drafted, short sentences;
  • Know how to make the text easier to read by a clear and well spaced-out presentation.

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