Every year, 700 students meet up in around 40 partner universities and mix with the local students. This wonderful worldly network is a guarantee of success for every one of them.


Epitech makes sure that the 4th year abroad is a veritable asset for the students. Over the years the school has created a network of partners known to enable its students to reach the best of world-wide IT. The variety of choices enables the students to find the destination that suits them best, as much with regard to the local culture as to the training, so that they can be totally fulfilled. The vast array of 40 partnerships for the 4th year means every student has a place to go!

Each destination is unique and proposes different courses which each student can choose relative to his or her favourite areas. In addition to the computing courses, some of the universities propose courses in business or management. In any case, these are modules selected by the teaching team of Epitech. The main constraint is the obligatory presence of local students at the university as the total cultural mix makes it possible to establish new contacts on the other side of the world.

Skye Ward, Outreach Manager - International Student Services at UC Berkeley Summer Sessions


« If Epitech proposes so many destinations to its students to carry out their 4th international year, it is above all so as not to make the career profiles uniform! As from their first year, the students are made aware of the partner universities that they will be able go to in their 4th year. Their final choice will depend on several factors:

  • Do I want a joint diploma?
  • Will I have to work at the same time?
  • Do I want to be in a big town or on a smaller campus?
Ksénia Andreeva, responsable du service des Relations Internationales

Parents are naturally always involved in this step. As some destinations are more sought after than others, good results and a real motivation are necessary to obtain one’s first choice. For those students whose difficulty is the language, a language course can be taken in the first year. It is a good way of boosting one’s level in order to have an excellent registration dossier for the 4th year. There is a large and diverse choice among the 40 partnerships for the 4th year so for each student there is a separate answer!”

Ksénia Andreeva
Responsible for International Relations


Winter Boot Camp

Epitech proposes a short winter camp oriented towards programming for all international students who are familiar with programming “C” and who want to understand Epitech’s teaching method and acquire competences in C++. During the two weeks of the camp study, and in addition to the technical modules, cultural visits and visits to companies are organised

Winter Boot Camp is two weeks of intensive training for international students.

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