The digital sector is unanimous: tomorrow’s world will be radically different than ours. Yesterday’s recipe for success no longer applies to the world today and in light of this historical break, businesses require different types of work profiles. Against these changes, Epitech is inventing a new educational model that brings together students, school and business.

une pedagogie innovante


Since the creation of Epitech, prestigious partners have worked together in putting into place a new type of education built around real needs of businesses and apprenticeship modes of the new generation. This thorough review has been done in synergy between three actors that can now no longer be disassociated from each other: the student who plays an active role in his/her apprenticeship, the business which is present all through the apprenticeship and the higher education institution which ensures an innovative educational structure. It is no longer a situation where a classic hierarchical model where everyone is trying to crush one another but an educational model that is collaborative and synergetic. Each player advances according to his/her own motivation in a virtuous circle, whether it be to become an innovative expert in tomorrow’s world, to recruit different types of people who are adapted to their needs, or to develop the potential and new competences of passionate young people.

Les étudiants d'Epitech à l'Academie e-commerce HEC Google


Over and above expertise, we accompany students to become major players in their business, deciders who are capable of innovating and creating the future of computer science. Our unique educational model immerses the student into the heart of the real issues of the company. Every day something is built (projects, rush, pools, etc.) with which students, often in teams, are confronted. They must resolve these problems by learning themselves the competences and knowledge necessary from the resources available, as they would have to do in a business. Realising these projects leads to results, work methods, human and technical competences, the ability to innovate and create. By being active during their own course, and in their own acquisitions and abilities, passionate students will become professionals who are able to respond methodologically to the business world.

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