Epitech Innovative Projects (EIPs) differ from final projects in traditional schools for computer science. It is not a simple exercise, but a group exercise, reaching a finished, durable, documented and immediately useable project in the professional world.

Atelier de groupe Epitech Innovative Projects

This is drawn up over a period of two years, between the 3rd and 5th years at the school. It is not only a technical achievement, but allows being confronted with the problematics as a whole of the innovative creator, as in marketing, communication, the elaboration of a business plan, and so on. At the end there is a reward, not of a prototype but a concrete project which proves the perfect mastery of the technology acquired at school and gives a professional boost for the road to innovation. The EIPs are submitted for approval to the director of the project, who is a permanent member of the Epitech staff and has the role of tutor, and are carried out under his/her supervision.

This is a principal stage of the Epitech course, and has a double aim:

  • Allows the students to acquire an experience of integral project management by doing;
  • Helps them to design their professional business card to a high standard.


At the start of every year, Epitech offers exhibition stands to its final year students. The EIP Forum is a key event destined for students, company directors and independent professional people during which the groups present their projects in areas of technique and design.

It is the opportunity to draw companies’ attention to the end-of-year projects of Epitech students with the aim of establishing or perpetuating contacts, exchanging information and putting in place partnerships.

EIP Forum: the Forum takes place in November every year.

Edition 2014

Edition 2013


The links between companies and EIPs can be created at several levels:

  • The topics: companies can propose their subjects. Indeed, if the subjects suggested by companies are directly linked to their needs and have a direct application, the aim of EIPs is to make sure that these projects are used, as they are an additional guarantee to attract users.
  • Logistical help: companies can provide either material help by proposing access to their infrastructure, or financial help by directly employing one or more members of a group.
  • Technical support: on certain subjects, companies can bring their technical support to the group and provide documentation.
  • An evaluation of projects: companies can help the group by testing and using the first versions and therefore review the bugs or improvements to be drawn.

Collaboration between a company and Epitech endows the companies with an important strength of development and which is not too costly. The company benefits from test versions beforehand and commandeers the technical realisation of the project so as to obtain a personalised solution. In order to propose an innovating project to Epitech students that fits into the framework of the EIPs, we invite you to get in touch with your nearest Epitech company relations contact.

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