Epitech is committed to develop synergies with companies, in a win-win relationship. Experiences make it possible to show what they have achieved, their competences, as well as their know-how and interpersonal skills, together with knowing how to approach a different environment

This new approach to teaching is essential to a model of quality, breaking with traditional educational practices that are not close enough to working life. Epitech’s mission is to train the new intelligence of tomorrow. This school prepares individuals who are passionate about IT and puts action at the heart of its teaching.


During our periods of professional immersion, we will propose that you participate in this success story by developing the employment abilities of our students. For over 15 years, Epitech, a member of the IONIS Education Group, leans on its network of partners. It allows us to bring companies and the school together in a concrete fashion. And because business in France is forever decentralising, Epitech is setting up where the need for expertise in IT is felt. In order to participate actively in the economic development of 12 regions across France, the school has set up branches in the heart of different sectors that are in full development. Each centre possesses its own added-value, its own dynamic force and fits into the local industrial sector

Pascale Chevassu, Head of Career Development Center & Alumni Office at Epitech

«  “From the 1st year onwards, Epitech trains its students to understand the professional world so they become efficient and adaptable workers in the future, through internships and/or part-time jobs. The Partenariat Entreprise (company partnerships) take part in the progress of these talented young people as well as in consolidating the values transmitted by the school and essential technical competences. Our common objective is to succeed in integrating the work market. The aim of the Career Development Center, with its network of alumni and relations with businesses, is to accompany the students in becoming professionals and in their personal development.” »

Pascale Chevassu, Head of Career Development Center & Alumni Office at Epitech

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