Epitech invites you to come to the school and share your vision of the market, your know-how, your business culture, or even to present some cutting-edge technology. These conferences provide the opportunity for meetings between you and the students of Epitech.

From their first year onwards, our students are made aware of the importance of these conferences.

They are a real added-value and form an integral part of their course which allows them to be open to themes as diverse as setting up businesses, management, technological innovations, and so on.:



  • The audience: open to all students and former students of Epitech.


  • An enhanced visibility with the students
  • The possibility to meet them and talk to them
  • Putting forward your company know-how
  • Presentation of advanced technologies
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The fora make it possible for you to meet many students who are looking for internships, an assignment or a first job. Epitech organises recruitment fora all over the country through its department of company relations and those in charge of development.

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Epitech launched its virtual recruitment forum in Paris, which is the best place to make contact with the best sample group of technological companies, both national and international, and especially American. This has been put in place for all students, whether they are looking for an internship, a part-time or full-time job, and enables direct contact with companies.

This virtual forum was thought up in partnership with Seekube and offers considerable time-saving opportunities, namely in shortening the traditional time that it takes to make contact and obtain a meeting for an interview. And all that without having to move…


  • Seek out potential, identify career profiles and obtain CVs
  • Make up a pool of candidates


  • Preselection of participating companies by the school



Session Shape Your Internship à Epitech

Draw up a CV, prepare a job interview – you are the best ones to do this! These meetings that are organised throughout the year make it possible to meet the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students and confront them with the reality of the job market, help them write their CVs and prepare them for job interviews.

Session Shape Your Internship à Epitech

This approach to accompany the students is done over time, and allows you to have a long-term vision and a real pool of future candidates :

  • Analysis and correction of CVs,
  • Simulation of an interviews
  • Feedback on experience,
  • Good practice / advice from recruiters


  • Seek out potential career profiles and future employees
  • Become known specifically by the students
  • Create a real long-term relationship with the students and make up a pool of talents


  • Audience: open to all students
  • Run by recruitment specialists.


The afternoon and evening networking events organised by Epitech offer the possibility to both firms and students to meet in an informal setting.

Etudiants Epitech en groupe EIP

We encourage our students to build up their professional network even before finishing their studies. These meetings are therefore opportunities for both students and companies to establish real professional relations.

The Networking Evenings are organised in the school or outside, such as at the Cantine in Paris, a venue created by the association Silicon Sentier which is dedicated to new technologies who host the Networking Evening. These events enable companies to make contact with the students and to do a preselection of the career profiles, which can be followed up by a more formal recruitment interview on your premises.


  • Seek out potential candidates and obtain their CVs
  • Excellent visibility: communication on the intranet, articles and photos on the institutional site of the schoo
  • Less conventional setting


  • Event sponsored by the participating companies
  • Company participation – operational jobs and HR


Epitech Innovative Projects (EIPs) are separate projects in the syllabus of the degree course. As from the third year, the students form groups to find the subject that will guide them until they finish their studies at the school. Whether it is an original idea or in partnership with a company, it is not a question of creating a synthesis, a prototype or an already existing software. EIPs are real work in groups at a professional level which are imaginative, pondered, developed, formalised, finalised, marketed and often commercialised. The students manage the projects from their conception to their finalisation.

EIPs are subjected to the approval of the EIP laboratory and take place under their supervision. These EIPs are structured around 5 main characteristics:

  • Improve the well-being of the individuals and groups
  • Better disseminate technological progress.
  • Make the tools for companies more efficient.
  • Open new horizons to passions.
  • Innovate, year after year, team after team.

Some concrete realisations

Etudiants du Groupe IONIS lors de la Project Week 2016

The process of creating the Epitech Innovative Projects is copied from company process. The subjects are chosen deliberately by the students and in synergy with the major players in innovation and information technology. The realisation overtakes the technical aspect: the students also have in their hands the promotion of their project, the search for partners and investors, and creation of communication tools. With the internationalisation of our students in the fourth year and the necessity to spend two semesters studying abroad, new constraints (working in teams even if the time zones are different, organising themselves to make the project advance, keeping in contact with the group, and so on) make Epitech Innovative Projects comparable to the challenges to which large companies now have to rise.

These projects are afterwards presented at a Forum in Paris to which professionals are invited (companies, business angels, incubators, etc.) and individuals. Today this Forum is taking on a bigger role and is tending towards becoming a real innovation exhibition. It is a key moment to meet students and seek out talent.

Today, around 16% of setting up businesses come from these EIPs.


  • Presentation of EIP projects
  • Meetings with 5th year students

I was impressed by the state of advancement of the projects proposed by the students. They proved to be highly innovative and autonomous in the realisation of their EIPs which, for some, are near start-ups. It was a very enriching experience for our company to exchange views with these young innovators.

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