In addition to technical competences, Epitech cultivates as from the first year the essential qualities of a future expert in computing: precision, rigour, efficiency, autonomy, flexibility, perseverance, high expectations, methodology, creativity, curiosity, dynamism, leadership.

It is essential to develop these abilities so as to adapt to all types of situations. In order to put into practice all these qualities in a professional environment, the student will carry out 18 months of economic activity over the whole duration of the course.

Computer school Intern


Whether it be a first contract in the professional world in the first year, validation of skills acquired in the third year or a professional placement in the fifth year, internships in companies provide students with new avenues for further reflexion to strengthen and structure their learning experience. They provide a vision of a company that teaching cannot replace.


  • 1st year: end-of-year internship, for 4 to 6 months, from July to December.
  • 3rd year: end-of-year internship, for 4 to 6 months, as from April.
  • 5th year: end-of-year internship, for 6 months, from March to August.


  • As from the 3rd year, our students have the possibility to have a professional activity of 2 or 3 days a week in a firm.
  • In the 3 rd year: as from mid-September until 30 April (days in the company are Thursday and Friday).
  • In the 4 th year: depending on the place abroad, and depending on the workload, the way the course is designed and legal constraints (for example, type of visa).
  • In the 5th year: from September until 28 February (days in the company are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).
  • The students also have the possibility to carry out these internships on a free-lance basis as from the 2nd year.



All internships must have agreements drawn up, signed by the company, the school and the student. One week should be allowed between requesting the agreement and the endorsement by Epitech for the pedagogical topic of the internship.

How can an agreement be obtained?

For compulsory or part-time internships: it is imperative that the student has the internship topic approved by his/her tutor, whatever the type of contract in the company (internship agreement or other).


When the internship lasts more than two consecutive months, the intern will receive a gratuity (payment of a sum of money) the amount of which may be fixed in the agreement of the company branch or by a professional extended agreement.

If there is no fixed amount, the hourly rate of this gratuity is 13.75% of the social security ceiling hourly rate. The amount of this gratuity is at the discretion of the company but cannot be lower than 13.75% of the social security ceiling hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours worked (legal ceiling rate in 2015: 24 €, or 508.20 € for full-time).


The aim of every evaluation is to verify to what extent the intern possesses or has developed the competences of an expert in information technology.

In the framework of evaluations, the student must provide a number of documents:

  • A written report on the internship, all in French for 1st year students, all in English for 3rd and 5th year students.
  • A showcase of the internship, on the web, in the same language as the written document.
  • An oral defence (viva voce), in French for 1st and 3rd year students, in English for 5th year students.
  • A mid-term evaluation and a final evaluation of the internship to be completed by the company online.

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